A Hybrid Event

June 18th-June 19th


Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

We serve an amazingly faithful God, full of patience, love, mercy and grace. We praise God that we have made it this far considering the year we have all experienced. 

Our theme this year derives from the thought “Becoming One” sculpted from Ephesians 4:1-16. The Conference gathering goals are (i) transformation, (ii) relationship and (iii) equipping. These goals triggered the team to create some amazing seminars.

We invite you to take this amazing journey with us. Considering what the entire world has experienced this last year and throughout, we are humbled to equip participants with the keys to “Becoming One” by taking part in worship, worshipful work and seminars.

Annual Sessions Planners,

Wanda Bradford Jeremiah Chuiha, Muthoni (Gladys) Maina, Izaete Nafziger, and Shawn Lange, Anna Board (IMMC staff)

Enjoy this collection of photos from Annual Sessions 2021: Becoming One.

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FRIDAY SERMON,  Wanda Bradford

SATURDAY Scripture, Eph. 4:1-6



  • “Insights into Grief” by Dr. Dorothea Foster from Real Perspective Counseling in Detroit, MI.
    • In this seminar we will discuss grief stages, four tasks of mourning, and  biblical truths into grief.
  • “Missional Discipleship Initiative” by Marvin Lorenzana and Karla Minter, Mennonite Mission Network
    • Did you know there is a missional discipleship movement already growing within IMMC? Come to hear stories of disciples making disciples, igniting a missional movement using the biblical foundations and gifting of Ephesians 4.”
  • Intercultural Competency-“Planning for Change: Next Steps on the Conference Journey” by Nekeisha Alayna Alexis, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
      • The work continues! Now that we have a clearer snapshot of the conference, in this moment; congregational and leaders’ needs around intercultural competence, undoing racism and building greater equity and justice in conference life together, we are ready for the next steps! This session will support the conference’s work to translate this information into action by exploring the updated intercultural relationality proposal in light of what I refer to as the Four Quadrants of Change. Nekeisha will help people think carefully about ways to examine and implement the steps in this updated proposal to help keep the movement flowing!


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