• Your pastor is resigning or retiring. What do you do? Contact the conference and talk to the conference ministers, who will help equip and guide your congregation through the pastoral search process.
  • Your church council is considering a new outreach program, but is unsure how to proceed. Where can you find advice or counsel? Contact the conference. Our staff people will help connect your church with other churches in conference who are working on similar projects. By forming ad hoc affinity groups, congregations pool their knowledge, encourage each other, and increase their ministry’s fruitfulness.
  • Your job as pastor seems increasingly overwhelming. Where do you turn? Contact the conference. Conference Ministers and Leadership Enhancement Team members are here to support congregations and their pastors. The conference also offers free access to confidential counseling services for pastors and their families.

Resources and Staffing

Conference provides resources and staffing to help congregations fulfill their mission:

  1. Guidance to find qualified pastoral candidates and training opportunities for current leaders
  2. A community of peers, connecting regularly to dream, pray, and discern
  3. Access to staff, specialized teams, and other resources not otherwise available to most churches

Financial Support


  • Pastoral sexual misconduct can be devastating. That is why Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference is committed to providing a safe avenue for persons directly affected by sexual misconduct to report it. Once the initial “misconduct report” has been received, an experienced, trained individual will listen to you, provide helpful resources, and walk with you through the initial part of the process. More information here: