Why does Conference matter?

“[Conferences] are extremely important to healthy congregational life. At their best, they help grow and maintain a strong and healthy clergy, they head off destructive conflict and help congregations engage in healthy conflict, they hold individuals and congregations accountable to the whole Gospel, they confront parochialism and interpret the work and life of the wider church, and they model health. In doing all of this they build life-giving relationships between individuals and congregations.”

How can my congregation and I support the important work of the Conference?


Continuing to pray for pastors, congregations, the Missional Leadership Team, volunteers, office and regional staff.


Identifying people to volunteer on committees, etc.


Providing sufficient financial resources to enable conference to continue this ministry.


fostering open congregation-to-congregation and congregation-to-conference communication through regional pastors, advisory council, area councils, regional delegate meetings, Annual Sessions, and the website.