Renewing a Vision
The Missional Leadership Team (MLT) is leading a process to renew a vision of how our community of congregations can center around Jesus and engage in practices that open us to the work of God’s Spirit. Documents related to this process can be found on this page.


Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference is partnering with Central Plains Mennonite Conference to provide resources for spiritual practices related to Renewing a Vision at AnabaptistFaithFormation.org. This site also offers podcasts, online devotionals, and Sunday School curriculum for all ages.

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Developing a Vision

Missional Leadership Team Letter to Delegates following Annual Sessions 2017

Renewing a Vision (Final) – the vision document


2017 Delegate Meeting Summary along with frequently asked questions

MLT – What we heard

Frequently Asked Questions II

2017 Compiled Table Wisdom Responses


Document prepared for Annual Sessions 2016

Renewing a Vision – May 2016 – the vision document

Appendix A – May 2016 – further development of practices, discernment process and covenant

Appendix B – May 2016 – timeline of MLT and UVTG processes, breadth of variance


Summarizing Annual Sessions delegate responses

Readiness to Adopt Summary – from Thursday afternoon worshipful work session

Table Wisdom Summary – from Friday afternoon worshipful work session


Unity and Variance Task Group (UVTG) recommendations

UVTG presented their final report at the February 20, 2016 Missional Leadership Team meeting. One aspect that impressed all parties was the similarity in vision between what Missional Leadership Team has been working on and what Unity and Variance Task Group presented.

Unity and Variance Recommendations to Missional Leadership Team (delegates)


Summary from Missional Leadership Team along with responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Follow-up What MLT heard

IN-MI Conf – Vision FAQs (delegates)


Compiled wisdom sheets from the north and south delegate meetings, March 2016

2016 North Meeting compiled wisdom sheets

2016 South Meeting compiled wisdom sheets


Several pieces of an emerging vision and an approach to variance for testing at March 2016 delegate meetings

Pieces of a Vision

Regarding breadth of variance