Gifts Development Team

Catalyzes a “culture of call” in conference and member congregations and attends to the identification and calling out of gifts in the conference structure.

Addie Leaman
Bruce Nofziger
Janice Wagner

Leadership Enhancement Team

Attends to development of pastors and lay leaders

  • emphasizes leadership growth by building on the strength of what is already happening in the conference
  • conference staff orient this group and work with them to add other processes according to the conference’s articulated vision

Ben Bouwman
Cindy Voth
David Sutter
Kent Miller
Rhonda Yoder

Ministry Credentialing Team

Attends to the well-being of pastor-congregation relationships. Interview and credential pastors.

  • carry responsibility for ongoing review of ministerial behavior
  • carry responsibility for any questions about continuing education requirements for credentialed leaders in the conference
  • relate to the region’s regional pastor

Angy Moore
Kevin Yoder
Wilma Bailey
Ruben Chupp

Stewardship Team

Attends to stewardship education with congregations and the management of conference finances.

Cindy Steiner
George Thompson
Rose Shetler
Verlin Miller