Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference warmly invites your congregation to participate in Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference Sunday on February 23, 2020. This day will be a celebration of the work God is doing in your congregation and in the larger body of IMMC.

 IMMC Sunday Resource Packet

  • The Resource Packet includes:
  • Worship planning resources
  • Adult Education options
    • Topics include:
      1. Engaging with Renewing a Vision Document
      2. Heilsgeschicte in Song
      3. Discussion based on What is an Anabaptist Christian?
      4. Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference 101: a community of congrega


Worship Resources

Discussion on “What is an Anabaptist Christian?”

Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference 101


  • Engage the story of Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference (IMMC), a story that has contributed to our identity as fellowshipping congregations
  • Celebrate and give thanks for God’s faithfulness to our community of congregations
  • Increase awareness of and appreciation for the congregations–people, pastors, locations–that make up IMMC
  • Deepen a sense of connection to other congregations in one’s own region
  • Broaden our sense of identity as a Mennonite follower of Jesus beyond the local congregation

One of the core understandings of the church for us as Mennonites is that the church is a community. We commit ourselves to following Christ, and we commit ourselves to each other in the community of faith. We invite you to help your congregation live into its commitment to the larger community of faith and to begin that by getting better acquainted.

We believe a service of worship is the best place to hear those stories of God’s faithfulness. We are all part of the family of God, called to respond together to the love, forgiveness and grace we have received. We respond by loving and being in relationship with God, neighbor and enemy.  An “Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Sunday” is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our relationship with God and each other in the church and to deepen our resolve to love even those who are hard to love—our enemy.

The Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference (IMMC) Board and staff believe your congregation will be inspired and blessed by stories of the larger church community to which your congregation belongs.  IMMC has a long, interesting story of the faithfulness and struggle of congregations working together to follow Jesus as his faithful followers and “disciple-makers.”  Our story is a story of working together to provide resources to contribute to healthy congregations and healthy pastors.  It is a grace-filled story full of prayers, worship, singing, friendship, tears, struggle and laughter in our years of following Jesus together through good times and hard. You are part of the story! IMMC’s story is your story! –adapted from the 2012 resource packet from the Central District Conference