From Our Interim Conference Pastor, Tim Burkholder

back Dan Miller

The time has come to welcome Dan Miller back who returned on
November 1, 2018 from his recently completed sabbatical. While he was away
Sharon Yoder and I have worked with the Conference Teams and the congregations
in our mutual work that is “conference.” During this time, we were saddened by the
transfer of True Vine Tabernacle and Yellow Creek Mennonite Church to LMC – a
fellowship of Anabaptist churches, formerly known as Lancaster Mennonite
Conference. We extend our blessing to them in their new relationship. At the
same time, we were privileged to experience the leaders of our conference in
supportive ways.  With Renewing a Vision
(RaV) and the recently adopted Case for Support, we have together laid a
foundation for being a community of congregations centered on Jesus; guided by
the Holy Spirit; acting through Grace, Love and Peace and engaging the world
God loves.

As your interim leaders, we are encouraged by the kind of
leadership our pastors are providing in our congregations. We have observed a healthy
ebb and flow with some pastors retiring and relinquishing their leadership to
others in respectful ways and with a good number of younger leaders entering
into pastorates – the most recent being Mariah Martin installed at Bonneyville
Mennonite Church.

you for the opportunity to serve

I want to personally thank Sharon Yoder for her excellent work
as Interim Conference Pastor for Leadership Transitions and I want to thank
you, the constituency, for the trust you have extended in welcoming me into
this interim work. I trust we have been an encouragement in each of the areas
we served with each of those with whom we were able to work with in person. I
am encouraged by the spirit of the many volunteers that help to make our
conference work – Leadership Teams, Search Guides and Congregational Coaches to
name a few.

I hold this time as a personal privilege and I continue to pray
for a spirit of joy in the work of conference in mutual support of and with our
congregations. May the communities served by the congregations that make up
this conference be touched by the Kingdom work that we have committed to.

Posted November 7, 2018 by Anna Buck

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