Built Together: A Foundation Series

You are invited to you participate in the upcoming webinar series, Built Together: A Foundation Series, featuring Nekeisha Alayna Alexis.

Each webinar will address different topics pertaining to intercultural competence including: Introducing Race, Understanding Whiteness; Introducing Intersectionality, Addressing Systemic Oppression; Building Intercultural Competence, Working for Change; Growing Towards Shalom. Developing our Congregations.

All are welcome to participate – the first webinar will be September 15 at 7pm. 

Seminar Dates and Topics

Sept. 15th, 7pm: Introducing Race. Understanding Whiteness.

Oct.  13th, 7pm: Introducing Intersectionality. Addressing Systemic Oppression.

Nov. 10th, 7pm: Building Intercultural Competence. Working for Change.

Dec. 8th, pm: Growing Towards Shalom. Developing Our Congregations.