2019 Annual Sessions Webinars

Delegates – Would you like an opportunity to find out more about delegate agenda?

 Missional Leadership Team and staff look forward to seeing you June 13-15 when we meet at Amigo Centre for Annual Sessions 2019: Practicing Our Hope. We look forward to worshiping and fellowshipping together. As we live into our vision, we anticipate time for worship, equipping one another and for fellowship. Webinars offer opportunity to hear and ask questions about business agenda. Register below.

Materials for the Webinar are found below:

The webinars will address these items that will have limited floor time at Annual Sessions:

  •  Minutes of 2018 Annual Sessions
  • Stewardship Team reporting – current financial status, 2019-2020 Proposed Spending Plan
  • Gifts Development Team slate
  • Bylaws revisions
  • Tanzania Task group
  • Plan for feedback from 2019 regional meetings sabbatical
  • Congregational updates

Two evenings are set aside for webinars: Wednesday, May 29th and Tuesday, June 4th.  Webinars begin at 7pm and last 60-70 minutes. If possible, we encourage delegates to join as a group so you can benefit from conversation, but you can also join individually. There is no cost for the webinar, but please register at least two days in advance so we can get information to you with the link for joining the webinar.

 To register, click on one of the links below: