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On this first day of August, I greet you in the name of Jesus who lives and walks among us. I pray you are having a good summer, with some time for family and relaxation. No doubt there are always things clamoring for attention. How is it when you spend time praying for conference and Renewing a Vision? My sense is that we all still wonder about some of the details. While delegate action this summer was ... [ More ]
Posted August 1, 2017 by Dan Miller
Delegates, Thank you to those who attended the March delegate meetings. We - Missional Leadership Team (MLT) - have reviewed the Wisdom Sheets from each of the three meetings and written a document, What We Heard, summarizing major points heard across all three meetings. We also identified some frequently asked questions. The document, Frequently Asked Questions II, lists those questions along with some ... [ More ]
Posted May 9, 2017 by Dan Miller
Is your church looking for a service opportunity? Consider working with Mennonite Disaster Service and Community Christian Fellowship (CCF) in Detroit yet this month. As Mennonite Disaster Service closed its flood clean-up project in Detroit, they invited Community Christian Fellowship (CCF) to enter into an extended relationship through August 2017. Rehab projects include CCF church facilities, CCF church ... [ More ]
Posted May 9, 2017 by Dan Miller
By Laurie Oswald Robinson for Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference Without warning, they began showing up. About two dozen unchurched teenagers in fall 2015 began coming to Mennonite Youth Fellowship (MYF) at North Main Street Mennonite Church in Nappanee, Ind. The influx of neighborhood kids more than tripled the Wednesday evening youth group. Typically, no more than a half dozen other churched teenagers ... [ More ]
Posted October 11, 2016 by Dan Miller
Re-published with permission from MAH News and Notes for October 2016. Author Rich Preheim will speak at the October 15 meeting of Michiana Anabaptist Historians at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church. For more information, see In Pursuit of Faithfulness Review of Rich Preheim’s New Book DOUGLAS KAUFMAN Conference Pastor for LeadershipTransitions, Indiana-Michigan Mennonite ... [ More ]
Posted October 6, 2016 by Dan Miller
By Laurie Oswald Robinson for Indiana-Michigan Conference Grand Marais (Mich.) Mennonite Church decided the most missional thing it could do where winters are cold and emergency resources are few was to provide physical – as well as spiritual – shelter. So six years ago, the congregation of 20 members – located on the upper peninsula of Michigan and the southern shore of Lake Superior – built a new ... [ More ]
Posted September 15, 2016 by Dan Miller
Lombard Mennonite Peace Center has various training and educational offerings through next spring. Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders will be offered three times between now and the end of March. The next training is in Ferguson, Missouri on October 3-7, 2016. See brochure for details. Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process  is designed to enhance the ability of participants ... [ More ]
Posted July 13, 2016 by Dan Miller